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St. Teresa’s Generalate, Geddalahalli

From the small seed sown by our Foundress in 1887, in Ernakulam, Kerala, today we have grown into a large tree. We have made our presence felt in many parts of India and in seven countries abroad (Canada, Germany, Sudan, Argentina, Kenya, USA, and UAE) in the work of removing ignorance, challenging dehumanization and discrimination especially against women and children, bringing health and healing to several, taking care of orphans and destitute, visiting prisons through prison ministry, and bringing hope to many. We have been continuing Christ’s mission and our Foundress’ dream of establishing the Kingdom of God in varied ways.

To make the functioning of our Institute more effective and expeditious, the entire institute is divided into five Provinces and Centre on the basis of geographical proximity and parity of interests.

Houses which come under the immediate jurisdiction of the Superior General and her council apart from the Generalate are the following:

All Foundations outside India

The Novitiate Houses, Prayer House (Sayujya) at Whitefield and Krist Prabha, The Juniorate House (Suvidya Nilaya) and Villa St. Joseph at Mysore.