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St. Teresa’s Convent, Geddalahalli

On 24th April, 1982, the Generalate which hitherto functioned at St. Teresa’s convent, Ernakulam was formally shifted to Geddalahalli, Bangalore and was named “St. Teresa’s Generalate”.

The Superior General and Council found it difficult to carry on the Central Administration from St. Teresa’s Convent, Ernakulam on account of the overcrowding and non-availability of space to run an office. Opinions were called for from the various houses regarding this proposal to shift the Generalate to Bangalore which would be more central. The Superior General at the time was Mother Bernardine. The Councillors were, Srs. Digna, Regis, Loretta, and Emmanuel.

1978 on 5th August, Srs. Digna, Emmanuel and Attracta arrived at Geddalahalli and took up their abode at the Farm House which needed much alteration. There was no community as such.

On 14th November, Mother Bernardine (Superior General) laid the foundation stone of the present Generalate Building.

After the Chapter of April 1982, when Mother Digna was elected superior General, St. Teresa’s Generalate began to function at Geddalahalli in the newly constructed building, and the Generalate community came into being. Sr. Scholastica, Councillor for Spirituality and Assistant Superior General and Sr. Hildegarde, Councillor for Formation were residents at the Generalate and Srs. Liguori and Loretta were at St. Teresa’s Ernakulam. The community looking after the house was also resident with Sr. Carmenita as the first Superior.

Sr. Jean Marie was appointed Superior in 1986. The members of the community were Srs. Florence, Marie Agnes, Anitha, Nithya and Martin. Srs. Attracta and Clarina (Novice Mistresses) were also members of the community. The nurses and other trainees in Bangalore were also considered members of this community. In 1987, the Apostolate of Balwadi for the children of the village of Geddalahalli was started with 40-50 of them attending it. A needle work class for older children in the village was started at the same time.

 A Dispensary

The sisters used to visit the homes taking the sick to hospitals when necessary, giving instructions and health care to women, getting the N.S.S. group of Mt. Carmel College to hold camps in

Geddalahalli, introducing the local Health Organisations to the families for the purpose of distributions of preventive medicines injections for immunization etc.