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St. Joseph’s Convent, P.O. Box 3361, Abu Dhabi


  • Priority given to Catholic students for admission in our school.
  • Counselling the students in school.  (Students with different     needs).

We sisters at St.  Joseph’s School Abu Dhabi try to prepare students for life, by having assemblies and talks on how to handle conflicts, sadness and failure, how to be grounded, independent and overcome setbacks, what are the values that should form the rock foundation to meet the challenges of life. So that the face life with confidence and courage. We strive to fulfill the cause of education and bring to fruition the vision of our Foundress.

To reach out to the least and the poor, we provide free education, books and uniform to thirty students every year.

To enable our students to thank God for the gift of life, we take our older students each year to attend sport activities of handicapped children of special school and to visit their Art Exhibition.


  • Visiting the sick in the hospitals and at home.
  • Provide counseling for those suffering from Emotional problems.
  • We avail ourselves and listen to the elderly.
  • Assisting Bishop in the Diocesan Accounts.


  • Co-ordinating Catechism Programme in the Parish for 4025 students from standard 1 to 12.
  • All the five sisters are involved in teaching  Cathechism, preparing the candidates for First Confession (Sacrament of Reconciliation), Holy Communion and Confirmation and Recollection Days.
  • Facilitating the Catechists Conference and conducting prayer meetings for different age groups.
  • Active involvement the Parish activities: Communion ministers, assisting in the Sacristy and in charge of Religious article store.
  • Assisting in Fund raising (Christmas Bazaar) for the poor and needy.
  • Participation in different community spiritual activities. (Different vernacular groups).