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From the small seed sown by our Foundress in 1887, in Ernakulam, Kerala, today we have grown into a large tree. We have made our presence felt in many parts of India and in seven countries abroad (Canada, Germany, Sudan, Argentina, Kenya, USA, and UAE) in the work of removing ignorance, challenging dehumanization and discrimination especially against women and children, bringing health and healing to several, taking care of orphans and destitute, visiting prisons through prison ministry, and bringing hope to many. We have been continuing Christ’s mission and our Foundress’ dream of establishing the Kingdom of God in varied ways.

To make the functioning of our Institute more effective and expeditious, the entire institute is divided into five Provinces and Centre on the basis of geographical proximity and parity of interests.

Houses which come under the immediate jurisdiction of the Superior General and her council apart from the Generalate are the following:

All Foundations outside India

The Novitiate Houses, Prayer House (Sayujya) at Whitefield and Krist Prabha, The Juniorate House (Suvidya Nilaya) and Villa St. Joseph at Mysore.

The present General Team – Srs.Carmela, Vinaya, Suman,Sr.Chris (Superior General),Jose Lynette, Sarguna &. Grace Rose

Convents under the Generalate


Sl. No.



Year of Founding



St. Teresa’s Generalate, Geddalahalli

Kothanur P.O., Bangalore- 560 077

Convent: 080-28465465/28465629



-Remedial Classes


St. Teresa’s Novitiate, Whitefield P.O. Bangalore - 560 066

Convent: 080-28452232


- I Year Novitiate

- Sayujya  –   Prayer/Seminar House

-Remedial Classes


St. Joseph’s Convent, P.O. Box 3361, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Convent: 009712-4461848

School : 463646


-Higher Secondary  School

-Diocesan work

-Pastoral Work

-Church Work


Carmel Convent, P.O. Box 10, Muthetheni, Machakos, Kenya,

E. Africa

Convent: 00254-144-21140



-Tailoring Institute



-Pastoral work


St. Teresa’s Convent, Geddalahalli

Kothanur P.O., Bangalore - 560 077

Convent: 080-28465889


-II year Novitiate

-Health Centre

-Pastoral work

-Working in the Generalate


Carmel Convent, 884 N. Lemoore Ave,  Lemoore, California,

U.S.A. 93245


Convent: 001-559-924-2347

School:   3424

Fax:    7848


  • School:Pre- KG to Grade 8
  • Pastoral work

-Hospital and nursing home visits


St. Joseph’s Convent, Carmelite  Sisters,  2714  N. Rushwood Ct., Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. ­ 67226

Convent: 011-316-618-3573


-Taking care of the sick and elderly in the Catholic Centre

-Visiting the sick and old in their homes and hospitals and attending the wake services and funeral

-Pastoral work


Villa St. Joseph, Bogadi Road, Jettihundi, Mysore - 570 026

Convent: 0821-2598737


-Care of the Senior sisters of the Institute

-Daily Adoration and prayers of intercession

-Teaching the Tertians

-Remedial classes


Suvidya Nilaya, Bogadi Road, Jettihundi, Mysore - 570 026

Convent: 0821-2598863


-Formation  - Tertianship


Teresa D’lima Convent, P.O.Box 6, Kyumbi, Kenya, E. Africa

Convent: 00254-145-21193

School:                      21131


-Higher Secondary School



-Pastoral work


Krist Prabha, Geddalahalli, Kothanur P.O., Bangalore - 560 077


Convent:      080-28465440

Mobile:        08022884743


-Children’s Home


-Community Hall

-Working in the Generalate

-Pastoral work


Mt.Carmel Convent, P.O. Box 1691,

Musikoma, Bungoma – 50200,Kenya, E. Africa


Convent: +254-732-451170/ +254-719-812811


-Higher Secondary School


-Formation – Postulancy & Novitiate

-Pastoral work


Carmel Convent, Tanzania



-Nursery School

-Pastoral work







































































  1. St. Teresa’s Generalate, Geddalahalli
  2. St. Teresa's Novitiate, Whitefield
  3. St. Joseph’s Convent, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


Priority given to Catholic students for admission in our school.

Counselling the students in school.  (Students with different     needs).

We sisters at St.  Joseph’s School Abu Dhabi try to prepare students for life, by having assemblies and talks on how to handle conflicts, sadness and failure, how to be grounded, independent and overcome setbacks, what are the values that should form the rock foundation to meet the challenges of life. So that the face life with confidence and courage. We strive to fulfill the cause of education and bring to fruition the vision of our Foundress.

To reach out to the least and the poor, we provide free education, books and uniform to thirty students every year.

To enable our students to thank God for the gift of life, we take our older students each year to attend sport activities of handicapped children of special school and to visit their Art Exhibition.


Visiting the sick in the hospitals and at home.

Provide counseling for those suffering from Emotional problems.

We avail ourselves and listen to the elderly.

Assisting Bishop in the Diocesan Accounts.


Co-ordinating Catechism Programme in the Parish for 4025 students from standard 1 to 12.

All the five sisters are involved in teaching  Cathechism, preparing the candidates for First Confession (Sacrament of Reconciliation), Holy Communion and Confirmation and Recollection Days.

Facilitating the Catechists Conference and conducting prayer meetings for different age groups.

Active involvement the Parish activities: Communion ministers, assisting in the Sacristy and in charge of Religious article store.

Assisting in Fund raising (Christmas Bazaar) for the poor and needy.

Participation in different community spiritual activities. (Different vernacular groups).

4. Carmel Convent,  Muthetheni, Machakos.

5. St. Teresa’s Convent, Geddalahalli

On 24th April, 1982, the Generalate which hitherto functioned at St. Teresa’s convent, Ernakulam was formally shifted to Geddalahalli, Bangalore and was named “St. Teresa’s Generalate”.

The Superior General and Council found it difficult to carry on the Central Administration from St. Teresa’s Convent, Ernakulam on account of the overcrowding and non-availability of space to run an office. Opinions were called for from the various houses regarding this proposal to shift the Generalate to Bangalore which would be more central. The Superior General at the time was Mother Bernardine. The Councillors were, Srs. Digna, Regis, Loretta, and Emmanuel.

1978 on 5th August, Srs. Digna, Emmanuel and Attracta arrived at Geddalahalli and took up their abode at the Farm House which needed much alteration. There was no community as such.

On 14th November, Mother Bernardine (Superior General) laid the foundation stone of the present Generalate Building.

After the Chapter of April 1982, when Mother Digna was elected superior General, St. Teresa’s Generalate began to function at Geddalahalli in the newly constructed building, and the Generalate community came into being. Sr. Scholastica, Councillor for Spirituality and Assistant Superior General and Sr. Hildegarde, Councillor for Formation were residents at the Generalate and Srs. Liguori and Loretta were at St. Teresa’s Ernakulam. The community looking after the house was also resident with Sr. Carmenita as the first Superior.

Sr. Jean Marie was appointed Superior in 1986. The members of the community were Srs. Florence, Marie Agnes, Anitha, Nithya and Martin. Srs. Attracta and Clarina (Novice Mistresses) were also members of the community. The nurses and other trainees in Bangalore were also considered members of this community. In 1987, the Apostolate of Balwadi for the children of the village of Geddalahalli was started with 40-50 of them attending it. A needle work class for older children in the village was started at the same time.

 A Dispensary

The sisters used to visit the homes taking the sick to hospitals when necessary, giving instructions and health care to women, getting the N.S.S. group of Mt. Carmel College to hold camps in Geddalahalli, introducing the local Health Organisations to the families for the purpose of distributions of preventive medicines injections for immunization etc. 


6. Carmel Convent, Lemoore- California, USA

We Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa serve at Mary Immaculate Queen School that belongs to St. Peters parish in the Diocese of Fresno   since 1991.

A Brief History:

 MIQ School 52 years working with families in faith is a private Catholic School. The school was staffed and administered   by the Sisters of Mercy from   Ireland since 1959 until we Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa   took charge in 1991. The school is now staffed by 5 sisters and lay teachers.

Our main apostolate here is teaching and pastoral work. One of the sisters is the principal, and three others teach in Kindergarten, Grade 2 and 6. As you know teaching here is very challenging and rewarding in some extent. Catholic Schools here unlike in India are private schools without any aids from the government.  However, the parents work very hard to support the school in financing with high tuition fee and mandatory 40 hrs of service and many fund raising activities throughout the school year. Their sacrifice and committed service to the school is commendable! The number of Catholic School that is being closed in every diocese throughout the United States is growing high.


At MIQ School 99% of our students and teachers are Catholics.  Religion is one of the main subjects hence Religion is given priority. The curriculum and all the other activities in the school are orientated towards   promoting Christian values and Catholic faith.  For this reason we teach Religion every day, we have adoration every Tuesday, Mass Wednesday, Rosary Thursday and Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent in the school. These are open to the parish community and so the parents and grandparents participate in one or the other. Students from kindergarten through 8th Grade take turns to conduct Liturgy with the help of the sisters and their teachers. The school choir sing for Sunday Mass.

All the teachers and sisters should have compulsory 40 hrs of studies to obtain a license and authorization from the Diocese. Religion certification in an ongoing process to renew our certificate every year by updating 10hrs of studies attending seminars, workshops, in-service or courses.  This is the way Catholic faith is promoted and practiced by teachers and students. This is mandatory and if you don’t fulfill the requirements   you will be fired from your job.

 Sisters prepare for the reception of the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation which is done when they are in the second grade.  We are active members in the church, engaged in teaching Catechism, visiting the sick, praying with the family who are going through difficult time. We are an integral part of the church’s three fold Mission of communicating word of God, building   community of faith and serving the people.

From the past 2 years one of the sisters is in charge of the pastoral ministry of the parish. She visits the hospitals and home bound take communion to the sick. Give all the help and assistance necessary and coordinate with the priests to prepare for the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

 The presence of the Sisters   is very much appreciated by the community. We are considered as people of prayer, simplicity and cheerfulness. We are satisfied   with minimum and very committed and dedicated in our ministry.  Parents prefer their children to be in sisters’ class than the lay teachers. They trust us with their children’s safety and education. We are accepted, loved and cared.

 Our presence is a help to the parish too financially because we are not salary people like lay teachers but receive religious stipend which make a huge difference financially and make MIQ school more affordable for Catholic Education.

We keep our prayer life as our top priority in spite of our busy schedule. Besides being teachers we are the chefs, drivers, gardeners, cleaners and jacks of all trades.

We are fortunate have a new and big church just close to the school. So we do not have to drive to the church every day. Students also get to go to church every week for Mass and adoration.

We are happy being here to serve the church in Lemoore  as long as we are here with  keeping our CSST identity and charism in the best possible way.

7. St. Joseph’s Convent, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. ­

The sisters work in Catholic Care Centre, taking care of the elderly, sick and the dying residents – sharing the healing ministry of Jesus. They work in different departments such as pastoral care, long term care, dementia care unit and assisted living.

They provide total care for the residents such as personal hygiene, administer medication, conduct restorative programmes, prepare them for Holy Eucharist and Rosary. They take special care to meet all the Catholic residents and bring them for Mass and Rosary. They also provide spiritual and psychological support to the residents as well as their family members, especially during the time of their illness and prepare them for a happy death. Their day begins at 4.30am, beginning with Morning Prayer and continues with their mission work and they are back at home by 2.30pm.They get enough time for mental prayer, personal prayer and all other spiritual and community activities. They also do all the household activities such as cooking, cleaning the house and gardening.

Besides working in the Centre, they visit the sick and the elderly in their homes and hospitals, and attend funerals. Once a year they go for mission appeal to different parishes in our diocese.

8.Villa St. Joseph, Jettihundi, Mysore 


9.Suvidya Nilaya,  Jettihundi, Mysore


10. Teresa D’lima Convent, Kyumbi, Kenya

Teresa D’lima convent was blessed and opened on 2nd January 2002 in memory of our Mother Foundress’s death Centenary.  A Higher Secondary School began on 4th February 2002 from Form I – IV equivalent to 9th – 12th.

 Education is one of the main apostolate.  It is a full residential school. Our students are well disciplined and once they leave the school they are well placed in society.  The school has reached 100% pass and 80%  go to the university.  It is  one of the top 10 schools in the county.

Along with the secular education, we give importance to value education to face the challenges in the society. To the needy students of our locality and outside we give full free education.  The school has got all the required infrastructures.


We also serve in the healing ministry.  The dispensary started to function since 2006. It serves our students and neighbourhood.  Our locality does not have health facilities so the people around benefit a lot. We conduct awareness programme on various health problems and deceases.


Every Saturday sisters take turn to attend our small Christian meetings where in they share the word of God for the following Sunday Mass.   These Christians are prepared to take part in the Mass meaningfully.  We also help in the Parish activities by going to sub-stations to conduct Communion service on Sundays and Feast days.  We take care of the pastoral programme of our neighbouring primary school once a week.


During advent and Lent we identify the needy families around us and distribute food and clothes.  On Sunday evenings sisters visit our neighbouring houses and they are happy to have us and share their family problems.

Every year on 29th January we bring our neighbouring primary school children numbering 450 and above along with their staff and share with them the life story of our Foundress and also serve  good lunch.  Those small children wait for that day to come to our school and sit at the table to hear and they do cherish that sweet memories.

Visiting Prison:  once a year during September 12th to mark on our foundress death we go to visit prisoners and distribute food, clothes and toilet items and pray with them.


11. Krist Prabha, Geddalahalli.


12. Mt.Carmel Convent, Musikoma, Bungoma, Kenya

Our apostolate here is mainly education of the young girls. Our school, Mt. Carmel Girls' Sec. School is located in a small village called Musikoma. The school began in 2011 with the Form 1 and at present we have Form 1&2 with 66 students. Almost 50% of our students come from economically poor background, who are sponsored by various agencies. Most of them are orphans or destitute. This is purely a mission school.
Apart from this main apostolate this is also a formation house. The first novice’s Profession was held on 19th March 2014. At present there is one novice.




Tulimani  is a place 20 km away from Machakos town. The secondary school was built by Holy Spirit Fathers from Ireland and the school has got all the physical facilities. The management of the school was given to the local people since the parish was a bit far.

In the beginning the school used to do well and took many students to university, but later it started to go down due to poor management. At this juncture, the Bishop of Machakos requested us to take up.

This place was visited by Sr. Victorine in the year 2000 October. Sr. Tessa, Sr. Carina and Sr. Betty also visited in 2010 October. The community started in June 2011. The students in the school are most needy and face a lot of challenges and we need lot of patience and endurance to bring up that mission as we collaborate to establish God’s kingdom.

This Convent was closed in 2015



            We have been privileged to establish our CSST presence in the overseas mission in Tanzania. The bishop of Singida has been making repeated appeals to begin a community in his diocese. After making sufficient study of the place and much prayer and discernment, we have decided to take up the mission. A new community of three sisters has begun the mission on 8th December 2015.  Population of the parish is 10980 with 16 substations. It is mainly an agrarian community. Though it is only a few days since our sisters started their work, they found the people very friendly, generous and caring for the sisters. At present sisters are involved in pastoral work, parish work and teaching in the parish school.