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Ongoing – Seminars/ get-togethers/renewal programme

The years after final commitment are a time of ongoing formation which is a life-long process of renewal and growth. The goal is to deepen the human, Christian and religious dimension of our life. We are called upon to deepen the contemplative dimension of our lives- to grow in deeper awareness of God and a deep love and attachment to Him. The need to see God in all things and all things in God! With this contemplative attitude we view the realities of today and respond to today’s situations with a compassionate heart.

This ongoing formation urges us to re-commit ourselves to the living out of our charism with a special thrust for the poor and marginalized.

The role of ongoing formation is the renewal of religious life. Renewal implies returning to the sources…to start afresh from Christ. It involves getting in touch with the inner spark of love which led to the consecrated way of life.

“Holiness is the fruit of the encounter with him in the many presences in which we can discover His face in daily life – a suffering face and at the same time the face of the risen one.”   (Starting afresh from Christ)

Seminars and Retreats

Seminars play as necessary instruments for the spiritual and doctrinal formation of the sisters, encouraging them to grow continuously in fidelity to the gift of the divine call which is ever new.