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Juniorate and Tertianship


Ordinarily the period of time between first profession and perpetual profession is six years. During this time of temporary profession, the sister is involved in professional studies or work in a CSST apostolate while intensifying her life of prayer and common life. They are given regular help to evaluate, interiorize and re-assimilate the Charism and tradition of our CSST way of life, through seminars, get-togethers, and short term courses.









                                Junior sisters in group activity


Summer Courses of Junior sisters



Superior General with the Junior sisters


The Tertianship, the preparation period for the perpetual vows is organized in Suvidya Nilaya, Mysore.

Tertianship program includes a thirty days of retreat following the Ignatian method. Tertianship is a period of study, disciplined way of life, personal accompaniment in the inward journey undertaken, prolonged reflection on the life, vows, institute and church activities in both local and international dimensions.

To own nothing but have everything; loving all people without any strings attached; doing what the world thinks is foolish; having faith in the one who called you. Remain focused on him for healing, love, forgiveness and care through living in community.